BEL 252: Fully-automatic top and bottom case taper

By Wexxar Bel

$19,310.00 USD

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The BEL 252 is a revolutionary, fully-automatic case taper featuring Wexxar Bel's Snap Folder technology. This machine’s ultra-safe, compact design provides versatility without requiring excessive protection. Because of this, the machine can fit into operations with limited floor space while remaining easy to access and maintain. When combined with a Wexxar Bel case former, it creates a complete line of case forming and sealing. In addition to an anodized aluminum frame and stainless steel Dekka22 applicator heads, the BEL 252 has a Uni-Drive system that powers both side belts with a single motor. This ensures that the straps are always in sync and provides a square seal even after years of extended use. This simple, rugged design will provide years of reliable, low-maintenance performance.

Basic specifications

  • Anodized aluminum frame with stainless steel screws and bolts
  • Dekka 22 stainless steel 2-inch tape applicator heads
  • Flap closure uses unique and exclusive Wexxar “snap folder” technology, limiting danger to users
  • Stainless steel adjustment screw (lead screw)
  • 120V/8A/60hz/Single-phase with NEMA 12 panel
  • 80-90 PSI; 0.1 CFM
  • 3-inch side drive belts with single-motor Uni-Drive system
  • Speed up to 25 cases per minute
  • Box entry/exit height adjustable from 25 to 32 inches
  • Shipping weight: 650 lbs.

Included in the price displayed

  • The machine has adjustable zinc-plated steel feet (UHMW disc)
  • 2 Dekka22 applicator heads
  • Adjustment chain and 100% stainless steel ball bearing
  • Manual printed in English

Options available upon request

  • Wheels with brakes
  • Leg upgrade made entirely of stainless steel (instead of zinc-plated)
  • Upgrade to water-resistant motors and sealed connections
  • Entrance and exit conveyors
  • Machine modifiable for non-standard case dimensions
  • Dekka 23 head upgrade for 3-inch tape
  • Model BEL250SS is 100% water washable/NEMA 4X



  • $19,310
  • Currency: USD
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