Our range of VFFS vertical bagging machines includes several models for packaging, with medium and high speed. They can make multiple bag sizes, and can fill and seal a wide variety of film types, structures, and styles. They’re available in three categories, depending on your needs.


The intermittent vertical bagger offers good bagging capacity. It’s a less complex machine since it’s slower than the continuous bagger, and it provides excellent precision. Several models are very affordable for small businesses. It can also perform several types of packaging and integrated closures.


For companies looking for speed and a high level of production, the continuous vertical bagging machine is the perfect choice. This machine provides greater speed through its continuous movement while maintaining high precision and productivity. It can also perform several types of packaging and integrated closures

Sanitary IP69K

The sanitary vertical bagger can be intermittent or continuous. This is an additional feature available for handling products that require a high level of sanitation and disinfection from machinery, for example meats, fish and chemicals. This type of machine has a very high resistance to water and soap, in addition to having fully waterproof components.

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