Our cartonner will meet your end-of-line packaging needs. They form a box, insert the products and close the box with an adhesive or using a folding method. This type of cartonner can be configured for semi-automated or fully-automated packaging.


The semi-automatic cartonner automatically folds the box, leaving an opening. You can then manually insert the products into the box. Then, the machine closes the flaps automatically. This is ideal for all types of products packaged in bottles, vials or sachets.


The cartonner is designed to form a cardboard box automatically, insert the products into it and then close the box. This machine is compact and can be adjusted for different products, such as pharmaceutical or medicinal products, cosmetics, liquid products, etc. It can create folded, glued or self-locking boxes.

Cardboard sleeve

Cardboard sleeves are an additional packaging technique that enables you to cover or package your product in a personalized way. These are printed cardboard upon which you can add information or advertising to your products. These sleeves can take the appearance of a cardboard flap or a cutout of your choice.

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