Our range of casepackers can handle various types of packaging, ranging from shrink film to semi-automatic case packing, including pre-assembled boxes and wrap around. All our solutions are designed to provide you with flexibility as well as ease-of-use.

With shrink film

The shrink film casepacker is ideal for the needs of the food, beverage, oil, detergent and other industries.

Casepackers use a single roll of film, which may or may not be printed upon. Several options are available for packaging with or without cardboard, and for different box sizes.

With pre-assembled boxes

The case packer with pre-assembled boxes can create boxes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, weights and materials. Your products can be packed quickly into large boxes. The settings can also be easily changed to enable you to pack various types of products on the same line.

Wrap around

Our case packers with wraparound provide various ways to package. You can use a tray, a complete wrap, an economical wrap or even a tray with a lid. Its many features enable you to pack various types of products. You can also change wrap formats quickly. Avoid packaging costs by opting for an economical solution!


The semi-automatic casepacker is an affordable solution for any business that wants to reduce the assembly time, packing and sealing of boxes. Our solution features a custom manual packing station, a case erector and a semi-automatic case sealer. This integrated system helps you reduce your employees’ efforts as it prevents lifting, stretching and twisting during operations.

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