Whether it is robotic or conventional palletizing, our experts will be able to adjust our offer to your application. We also have the option of integrating a stretch-wrap overwrapper and conveyors for a turnkey project.


Our range of conventional palletizers allows high efficiency at the end of your production line while limiting the initial investment. The labor required will then be limited to the loading and unloading of pallets for optimal economy. These devices are sturdy and will last for many years with proper maintenance.


Our range of robotic palletizers offers you great flexibility to palletize your products at the end of the line. No matter what your industry, we can adapt the robots to greatly improve your line efficiency. A reliable solution that requires very little maintenance and labor.

Emballeuse et palettiseur

Our palletizer will automate your pallet loading process. It stacks the loads; which reduces the surface area required for storage.

Among other things, it helps you reduce the risk of injury to your employees and increases your production line’s efficiency.

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