Liquid fillers

Techno Pak has a range of weight filling machines suitable for various types of liquids. Our machines integrate with your various auxiliary machines. They help you automate your entire packaging process, and therefore provide you with greater precision and efficiency.


Our semi-automatic liquid filling models are ideal for small manufacturers or for artisanal manufacturers. Additionally, this type of machine is compact enough to fit into tight places.

Automatic - In-line

Our automatic in-line liquid filling models provide container feeding, filling, cap feeding, capping and closing of liquid containers. This type of machine is ideal for high production volumes, for various types of liquids.

Automatic - Inline

Our filling models meet several different applications. We have machines designed for smaller production volumes, such as artisanal consumer products, as well as larger machines designed for high-volume production. These are ideal for high volume production of bottles or cans.

Compact one-piece system

Our compact one-piece system can fill and cap various liquid products, including glass bottles, cans, essential oils, disinfectants, etc. This one-piece system is compact enough to fit into tight spaces.

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