Techno Pak has a range of weight filling systems suitable for various types of solids. Our machines integrate with your various auxiliary machines. They help you automate your entire packaging chain, and therefore give you greater precision and efficiency.

Combination weighers

Our combination weighers are from the Ishida brand, a leader in the packaging industry. Combination weighing, which is suitable for several types of packaging, is ideal when your product requires precision and high overall packaging throughput. In some cases, you’ll be able to mix products, such as candies, nuts, salads, etc.

Linear weighers

Our linear weighing models, also designed by Ishida, provide good general accuracy. They’re suitable for various packaging, such as bags, trays, boxes and jars. This type of scale is ideal for filling large volumes or for weighing products that could stick to the walls, such as cheeses, grated or cut fruits and vegetables, as well as meats.

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