Our range of machines for assembling boxes and trays is a cost-effective and fast alternative when you have high production volumes and are looking to automate your entire production chain. The boxes or trays are then perfectly assembled and ready to be filled. Case filling can be done manually or further automated with the inclusion of an optional programmable scale that can also verify the count.

Semi-automatic case former

Our semi-automatic case former models provide you with the ability to pack in boxes. The semi-automatic case former is ideal for packers looking to improve ergonomics and casepacking efficiency in manual case forming operations.

Automatic case former

Our automatic case former models include models for low, medium and high production rates. They assemble the corrugated cardboard boxes and seal them with glue or tape. These types of machines are ideal if you want to increase your productivity as well as save time and resources.

Tray former

Our tray former models are designed to form and sometimes glue these components automatically. They’re useful in several sectors, such as food, hardware and consumer goods, and are a must for companies doing wholesale or retail.

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