Our range of HFFS horizontal bagging machines includes several models for medium and high speed packaging, with varying degrees of precision, depending on your needs. This type of machine is ideal for products supported by trays or trays made of cardboard, styrofoam, plastic or metal.

Our horizontal bagging machines can pack various bag shapes with integrated closures. It can be a bag that already has a closure, or a film to which a closure is added. A number of bag designs are available with this option, including pillow bags and flat bottom bags.

Manual loading

Manual loading horizontal baggers require a human presence at all times. This employee places the products directly into the packaging or on the conveyors, depending on the bagging machine model. This ensures very high quality control, since human and robotic intelligence is combined to package the products. For this reason, this type of machine is ideal for industries with products requiring visual confirmation.

Automatic loading

Automatic self-loading horizontal baggers use a robot to fill the trays. Techno Pak can offer you different models depending on your products’ fragility, ranging from slower to faster machines. This type of machine automates your entire product bagging process, from loading to quality control.

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