We have a variety of pallet wrappers, ranging from semi-automatic to automatic. We have solutions that will meet your needs based on the space available in your facilities. Avoid pallet handling problems and production stoppages by using efficient wrapping machines!

Semi-automatic pallet wrapper

The semi-automatic wrapping machine is equipped with a turntable. It’s ideal for wrapping stable loads under 8000 lbs. Thanks to its integrated, variable-speed drive, you’ll save time and money. Loading the film is safe and easy using the pre-stretch carriage

This type of wrapping machine has a strong steel structure. It is recognized for its strength, durability and reliability.

These are more compact models; perfect for small spaces!

Automatic pallet wrapper

The automatic pallet wrapper will fit perfectly into your packaging lines. We offer various models that work with a stretch wrap system. Some models include a fully-automated turntable with multiple wrap cycles. Other models have a rotating arm.

Wrapper and palletizer

Our palletizer will automate your pallet loading process. It stacks the loads; which reduces the surface area required for storage

Among other things, it helps you reduce the risk of injury to your employees and increases your production line’s efficiency.

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