Techno Pak has a range of case and box erectors combined with a bag inserter, all in one compact solution. The bag erector machine can work for 24 hours non-stop and is very easy to use. It operates autonomously and easily adapts to your production line.

Box assembly and insertion

The bag erector provides boxes that are ready to be filled at a high rate. The boxes are formed, and the bottom is sealed automatically. The bags can be made to fit any size of box. The bags can contain bakery products, fish, meats, oils and any other non-food product.

Bag inserter

The automatic bag inserter adapts perfectly to any type of box, case or seal. It provides you with a pre-assembled bag ready to be filled with your products. The bags are waterproof and can be made up to a thickness of 10 micrometers.

Bag closer

Our bag inserters with bag closers can help complete the automation of your assembly line, in addition to standardizing the process. They work well with autofill. In addition to saving on labour, you’ll enjoy up to a 50% gain in productivity by not having to close bags manually!

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