Net Weight Filler Capper

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Indexing Series

The Pack ‘R High Speed Series weight filling / capping system has been designed for applications up to 600 bpm. Many container shapes can be accommodated thanks to the Click & Play change parts setup, and multiple cap types are also available. The High speed Series uses standard components and standard programs to ensure the best reliability and to facilitate the maintenance. On each station, the dosage is self-contained. It checks the measured quantity and makes corrections if necessary.

Each station is composed of:

  • A scale with a standard strain gauge
  • A standard dosing indicator
  • A solenoid valve to operate a air cylinder connected to the stem valve

Filling: The filled quantity is controlled by the weight of the product in the container. It is very accurate because:

  • It is a direct measure (weight = product quantity)
  • It is not dependent to the characteristics ofthe products

Weight control: This operation can be periodic or systematic. The weight control allows to:

  • Check the measured quantity in comparison with the target
  • Self correct for any drift

Make statistics and productions ratio