Wexxar / Bel

Wexxar / Bel

Wexxar Packaging is a leading manufacturer of high quality integrated packaging solutions for case forming, tray forming as well as case sealing machines. Wexxar of Delta, BC, Canada has manufactured extremely reliable end-of-line packaging equipment for Fortune 500 companies since 1977. Wexxar’s comprehensive line of innovative case formers, case sealers and tray formers have been installed in nearly 40 countries. Our BEL brand, with headquarters in Richmond, British Columbia, is a rapidly growing manufacturer of « end-of-line » corrugated box sealers, tapers, formers and packing systems.

Case Sealing Equipment

The pressure sensitive tape case sealers that Wexxar/BEL offers are able to produce gap-free, tightly butted top flap tape sealing. The pressure sensitive tape case sealing equipment features a heavy-duty drive system which ensures cases leave the machine squarely taped.

There is a number of different pressure sensitive tape sealers that are offered, allowing the sealing equipment to accommodate a wide range of case sizes.

Case Forming Systems

Wexxar/BEL manufactures case forming systems for a variety of different packing operations, ranging from small, manual lines to high volume, 24/7 operations. The case forming systems are broken down to Fully Automatic Case Formers & Semi Automatic Case Formers.

These case forming systems are made for any different case forming operation. No matter if you have a small, manual packing line or a high volume, 24/7 line, Wexxar/BEL has the case forming equipment for you.

Integrated Form, Pack & Seal Systems

The forming, packing & sealing experts from Wexxar/BEL have come up with integrated form, pack & seal systems to meet the needs of your end-of-line customers. These case and box forming, packing & sealing solutions feature the combination of Wexxar/BEL case forming equipment and case sealing equipment to form a perfect end-of-line solution.

The form, pack & seal systems that Wexxar offers are the WFPS 5150 Form Pack Seal System, WFPS 5252 Form Pack Seal System, WFPS 1250/1252 Form Pack Seal System and the WFPS 2270 Form Pack Seal System. These systems allow for improved productivity and floor space as the process can be done by a single person in a single fluid operation.


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