Toyo Jidoki Co., Ltd

Toyo Jidoki Co., Ltd

Since the start of company operations, Toyo Jidoki Co.,Ltd. (TYJ) has been an industry leader with its wide range of high-quality measuring, filling and packaging systems. They have put forward a variety of innovative ideas for the advancement of the food industry, and have long striven to bring ideas to fruition. For instance, they have made great advances in popularizing retort pouches for food packaging. The widespread use of retort pouches today was only made possible by their exclusive packaging technology which enabled them to develop the world’s first rotary packaging machines.

Food packaging inevitably needs to change with the times, and TYJ remains at the cutting-edge of packaging technology advances designed to meet the latest needs.

For people to enjoy superior food quality in the 21st century, TYJ recognizes the need to combine advanced technologies with concern for the environment. Accordingly, they have further expanded their business into other technological fields. Their efforts extend to the recycling of packaging materials, automation of packaging equipment and reduction of waste, as well as the improvement of their office and factory environments. They are diversifying their activities with a view towards the future.

« Hi-Tech and Environmentally Friendly »

TYJ makes best use of the advanced technologies it has accumulated over the years and pays special attention to the environment in the creation of unique products for a new era.


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