CEIA is a manufacturing company specialized in the design, engineering and production of metal detectors. It is a 40 years old company with 14 generations of Metal Detectors and 56 national and international patents on their design and construction

CEIA maintains its dedication to cutting edge electromagnetic research. Nearly 20% of CEIA’s staff is focused on researching tomorrow’s threat detection technology using electromagnetics.

The quality and reliability levels of CEIA equipment are recognized throughout the world by Private Companies and Governmental Institutions, who have chosen it following stringent comparative testing. This objective has been achieved by using the most advanced technology in all phases of production.

CEIA creates breakthrough value for its customers by combining state of the art materials, advanced components and extensive manufacturing automation. This provides superior quality, reliability and consistent performance to CEIA products.

CEIA’s Quality System extends throughout the company, from the design stage through production, quality control and after-sales service. CEIA equipment has a strong reputation for reliability and maintenance free operation. This is achieved through extensive factory testing for product conformance to strict internal standards. Detailed adherence to ISO 9001 Standards also provides the traceability to support clients for many years after their equipment goes out of production. The tight tolerances employed during the factory acceptance test produce such consistent devices that field calibration is not required.


Détecteurs de métal

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