Every day many millions of packs are produced on Mespack machines thus securing future new sales in the world market.

Flexible packaging has changed in great manner in the past few years to the point that today the pack presentation cannot be any longer a simple package but a real packaging solution with real shape and function benefits which will set the difference between a well presented and innovative product and the rest.

New packaging methods are constantly being developed to provide more attractive packs as well as extended product protection and shelf life. We at Mespack are playing an active role finding new valuable marketing benefits through packaging innovation.

The horizontal form fill-seal pouch makers is the core product line of Mespack.

Mespack is continuously expanding its machine range to the point that there is hardly any product which cannot be packed into a pouch made of flexible film.

Solid, liquid, powder, granules, everything is possible on a Mespack machine which enables you to present your product in a most innovative shape and using latest techniques.

The main areas of activity to host our machinery are food, pharmaceutical, chemical, confectionary, cosmetic and personal care sectors among others.


Form Fill Seal Bagger

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