ARCIL packaging lines

Their experience and success in their lately integrated areas of activities make ARCIL the worldwide leader of Thermo Form, Fill and Seal for food products.  ARCIL proposes top performance lines to package in the best conditions for display, cost prices and ultra-cleanliness such products as yogurt, fresh cheese, deserts, jam, stewed fruits, butter, water, drinks, bi-levels products, etc…

ARCIL adapts to yours needs

  • From 5 000 to 100 000 cups/hr – with or without label
  • Mono or multi-layer plastics: PS, PP, PS/EVOH/PE, PET, PLA
  • Lidding: aluminium, laminate, plastic PS, PP
  • Label: paper, paper-aluminium, laminate, plastic, PS, PP

Discover simplicity

Ease of management, ease of operation, ease of maintenance, everywhere in the world.

Reinforce your productivity

Record-breaking productivity, more effective prevention of product and packaging waste.

Ultra-clean working conditions

Due to the ultra-clean design of the filling area, with micro-filtered laminar air flow, one piece stainless steel frame, no mechanics under the plastic sheet.  An ARCIL specific design for easy access and easy cleaning -Automatic CIP.

Reduce your costs

Of investment, operation, maintenance, materials and products.  The ARCIL machines deliver a rapid return on investment thanks to their unique system design.


ARCIL is the only manufacturer to offer adaptable lines: You may limit your investment to match you present needs, and later double your input to meet increasing demand by simply and quickly changing the tools.


ARCIL is the only manufacturer to offer production lines that are truly flexible:  You may invest in a line to make a certain product, and then adapt to the market’s evolution and produce a completely different product by a quick and simple equipment, raw material and/or product change.


A range of fillers and nozzles is offered (volumetric, peristaltic, temporized, flow-meter), adapted to each product: Dry, aerated, liquid or semi-liquid foods (with or without solid ingredients)

Volumetric fillers are very accurate, and product caring, due to a simple numerical command.  The volume can be changed via a simple digital display.


  • Conical cups
  • Open-mold technology
  • Ultra-clean laminar air flow – U.V. treated lidding.
  • Ultra fast mold change-over.
  • Automatic reel change-over – Automatic change of pack pattern
  • Integrated packer
  • Complete FFS line

We will guarantee the efficiency of the whole packaging line!


Form Fill Seal Cup Filler

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