X Ray Inspection

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Ishida IX-GA Series X-ray Inspection System

Product on the conveyor is irradiated with X-rays that are then received by the line sensor. Ishida’s unique five-level image processing software detects foreign objects or missing products by processing the received X-ray image.

GA (Genetic Algorithms) – Image Processing Algorithms:

The IX-GA’s unique image processing algorithm generates and analyzes image data for each product over time. As a result, the system develops a high sensitivity that more clearly identifies any foreign materials.

Safety and Security:

  • X-ray exposure only takes place within the inspection tunnel.
  • A high-visibility signal light indicates when exposure is in progress.
  • Safety interlock stops X-ray output when the tunnel’s integrity is compromised (e.g. operator hand is inserted).

ETL listed, and conforms to government standards/regulations

Enhance food safety

Accurately, safely, and reliably detects metal, and non-metallic material such as rock, glass, bone, shell, plastic, hard rubber, etc.

User-friendly operation

Clear, easy-to-read 15″ touch screen control panel and monitor. Automatic, time-saving setup. Rapid warm-up (90 seconds) for quick production start-ups. No routine recalibration required.

Unique inspection functions

Cutting-edge image processing. Missing item inspection based on multiple judgment criteria. Masking functions, including perimeter, pattern and contrast. Weight analysis.

Easy to clean

Stainless steel construction conforms to HACCP. Waterproof conveyor designed to IP66. Open framework provides easy access for sanitation. No tools required to remove conveyor for cleaning.

Flexible data management

Sensitivity settings checked without interrupting operation. Data and image records stored on compact flash card. LAN port for expanded network capabilities

Features and Specifications

Inspection TunelLength20 to 450 mm (intermittent flow)
WidthUp to 240mmUp to 400 mm
HeightUp to 120 mmUp to 150 mmUp to 220mm