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SHAKA Sterilizer

SHAKA With Steam and water process

In a SHAKA™ retort, baskets with products are moved horizontally at a high frequency. Once the basket is entered and fixed in the autoclave, the process is usual CUT, holding time, and cooling (similar to STERIFLOW). The shaking movement is started immediately, up to the required frequency. In order to reach the holding time quickly, preheated water and direct steam injection are used. Heat exchanger is only used for cooling.

What is named high speed agitation is a shaking movement of 15 cmamplitude and 150  per minute average frequency.  Thanks to high speed agitation, the heat transfer is improved dramatically and cycle time is reduced (5 to 10 times). Therefore it becomes possible to work at higher temperature.

Tests made on soups show a dramatic improvement for preservation of micronutrients like vitamin C and polyphenols compared to traditional processes (including pasteurization).

Using SHAKA™ equipment allows a lower level of salt in the recipe for an equivalent aromatic balance as tested on soups.

Cooking value is much lower with SHAKA™ process for the same F0 value. Hence texture is better preserved than with standard static or rotary process.

The SHAKA retort is one exceptional innovation for quality focused food producers. The SHAKA retort is suitable for sterilization, pasteurization and cooking (at low temperature) of almost all typesof products in all types of packaging. The retort with cascading water system (for coolingin that case) was invented by Steriflow.

Main characteristics

  • Material: AISI  304L Stainless steal (heat exchanger 316L)
  • Standard diameter: pilot900 mmand industrial1300 mm
  • Capacity: 1 big basket but the cycle time is reduced by 5 to 10 times


for liquid (sauces, soups, ..) or viscous ( babyfood, pet food, …) products where a high quality of final product is required.


Static Sterilizer

ROTARY STERIFLOW Included pendular mode with cascading water process

In a Steriflow Rotary, the baskets are turning under the flow of water. Therefore heat transfert is accelerated inside the packing and treatment time is reduced.

The rotation is of course for viscous or liquid products with a small head space.

There is no overcooking, product treatment is homogeneous and qualityof productis better.

The rotary is essential for high quality products (baby food), for heat sensitive products ( milk, concentrated milk, …) and for cooking into the bag (cooked rice or noodles). It is very interesting for liquid or viscous products, with an head space.

Main characteristics


Any type of package or product sensitive to agitation.


The retort is more or less a standard.
ACCESSORIES are specific to products, package and application .

The baskets are specific to product depending of the heat treatment (sterilization, pasteurization or cooking), the type and nature of product and type of packaging.

The type of basket is decided between our engineer ( and our 25′s years experience of STERIFLOW) and your knowledge of the product.


Retort configuration :

  • Internal conveyor chain
  • Door : opening direction
  • Vertical opening

Piping :

  • Second water circuit for final cooling with icy water ( pasteurization, cooking, …)
  • Extra water outlet wit temperature controller to recuperate some hot water

Electronic options :

  • Special computer
  • Ethernet connection

And many others options.

For any special configuration, consult us.