Shrink Wrapper

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MSW – Medium Speed

The MSW series is the PRASMATIC range of medium-speed shrink-wrapping machines, mainly for the beverage
and food industries, where the primary requirement for high productivity combines with the demand for excellent reliability and flexibility.

These new series of machines have been designed with the aid of the latest technologies, using electric axes with brushless drives
for the control of machine functions.

Easy size programming and the simple user interface make the MSW
machines extremely versatile.

The product separation and pack preparation units have been developed to optimize the processing cycle and size change times.

Troublefree film feeding is guaranteed by controlling the unwinding and wrapping speed with brushless drives, and through the use of
a rotary-blade cold film cutting system.

The new styling and ergonomic design of the MSW series derive from PRASMATIC’s many years of experience, allowing the creation of a series of machines which are extremely user-friendly while also assuring minimal maintenance costs
thanks to a supporting structure which has been laser-cut throughout. Large sliding panels allow a total view of the moving mechanical parts.

Depending on the speed required there is a choice of two families: MSW300 and MSW450