Pre Formed Pouch Bagger

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PMS (Semi automatic)

The PMShas all the features to open, fill solids and liquids and seal a pre-formed pouch. Its semi-automatic operation make it a great machine for low volumes, test benches ornew productstarts. It is also very flexible.

Features and Specifications

Capacity5 pouches /min
Pouch SizeWidth Max 220mm Length N/A
ApplicationsJuice,Oil,Liquid detergent,Nuts,Sauces,etc



Features and Specifications

Capacity8-30 pouches /min (depending on products)
Pouch SizeWidth 150-270mm Length 150-400mm
Fill volumeup to 3000cc



USDA washdown solid product filler sealer. Specifically designed for press to close & top slider zipper pouches and N2 gas flush applications.


  • Snacks & ready to eat: chips, nuts, jerky, bacon bits
  • Powder: Powder milk, flour, sugar, salt, powder cleaning agents
  • Pet food: kibble, snacks & supplements
  • Frozen fruit, vegetables, prepared foods


  • Filling Speed: up to 55 ppm
  • PouchSizeRange: W 80-220mm xL 130-300 (customsize ranges available)
  • Pouch Style: Flat, Stand up, Corner spout, Side gusset (floating style)
  • Filling Range: up to 1.2kg


  • Highly efficient pouch infeed & handling
  • Non-invasive zipper opening system
  • 5-15 minute, no tool change over most conditions
  • Integrated coding/printing
  • Control signals for your favorite computer scale, auger or other solid filling system
  • 2 stage seal, seal cool for high quality beautiful seals
  • Dust control features
  • N2 gas and mechanical de-airing methods for extended shelf life


  • PLC / touch panel operation.Allen Bradley, Omron, others
  • Ethernet, ControlNet, DeviceNet
  • USDA compliant
  • UL, CUL, CSA or CE according to plant requirements
  • NEMA4X compliant
  • Interlock safety enclosure

Features and Specifications

Capacity15-55 pouches per min
Pouch Size MIN80mm wide x 130mm long
Pouch Size MAX220mm wide x 300 mm long
ApplicationsNoodle, Cheese, Salt, Cnady, Snacks, Pet food, Frozen fruit, seed, etc.



The world`s most widely used Pre-made Pouch Fill/Sealer that can comply with various liquid products.

  • The surface material and structure is made washable
  • The electric cabinet is mounted overthe machine for safety and maintenance reasons, makingthe machine easier to clean
  • Equipped with a graphic operation panel to simplify the operation and maintenance of the machine
  • Possible to change the pouch size liquid filling amount without any tools


Suitable for a range of applications such as:

  • Retorted pouch foods
  • Precooked foods
  • Frozen foods
  • Sauces
  • Juices
  • Processed sea food
  • Pickles
  • Liquid detergent, etc.

Features and Specifications

Capacity20-45 pouches /min (depending on products)
Pouch SizeWidth 80-220mm Length 100-300mm
Machine DimensionW 1,954 x L 2,675 x H2, 211mm


TT-9CW – TT-9CW2 (Duplex)

Large range of productscan be packed such as retorted pouch food, frozen food, liquid detergent etc., and depending on the producta capacity of up to 100 pouch per minute. It is equipped as a standardwith a filling pump with a range from 50-350ml. The W is for Double pouch. A productioncapacity for 2 machines with floor space of one.

Features and Specifications

Capacity30-100 pouches /min (depending on products) 30-60 pouches /min (depending on products)
Pouch SizeWidth 80-150mm Length 100-150mmWidth 120-180mm Length 150-300mm
Fill volume50-350cc50-350cc
ApplicationShelf-stable ready meals, Sauces, Soups, Liquid detergent, etc..stable ready meals, Sauces, Soups, Liquid detergent, etc..


TVP-E3 (Vacuum)

The TVP is a machine that combines a classic pre-formed pouch bagger with rotating vacuum chambers all in one machine frame. It will produce high quality vacuum pouches.

Features and Specifications

Capacity40-50 pouches /min (depending on products)30-40 pouches /min (depending on products)
Pouch SizeWidth 100-180mm Length MAX 260mmWidth 100-220mm Length MAX 300mm
ApplicationsRetorted pouch food,Meat products,Pickles and other precooked foods,etc.Retorted pouch food,Meat products,Pickles and other precooked foods,etc.


TVP-G3 (Vacuum with gas Flush)

Features and Specifications

Capacity20-40 pouches /min (depending on products)
Pouch SizeWidth 100-180mm Length MAX 260mm
ApplicationsJuice,Oil,Liquid detergent,Curry,Sauces,etc