Horizontal Motion Conveyors

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FastBack Revolution™ Proportional Gate

FastBack’s patented Revolution™ proportional discharge gate keeps the main product supply flowing as it allocates proportional amounts to individual weigher/bagger stations. Downstream stations are no longer “starved” or need to wait for product.

Eliminating the product damage caused by “chopping” slide gates, Revolution’s cylindrical outlet rotates to divert a portion of the main product flow. No slide gates mean no product leaks, allergen risks or hazardous pinch-points. Air lines and pneumatics have also been eliminated to reduce maintenance.

  • Precise control of product delivery to downstream equipment
  • Maximum flexibility in scheduling a packaging distribution system
  • Balanced product flow increases operating efficiency and productivity
  • No high-maintenance air lines, air cylinders or solenoids

Revolution provides every advantage, plus the unbeatable performance of FastBack conveyors, which prevent product breakage, seasoning loss, and seasoning build-up in the pan!


FastBack® 260E Horizontal Motion Conveyors

With slow-forward fast-back motion FastBack® conveyor systems safely convey even the most delicate products.

FastBack® conveyers are easy cleaning. Coatings remain on product and don’t build up in the conveyer pan. There are no hard-to-clean areas on the drive base.

Move over 60,000 lbs/hr (27 metric tons/hr) without bogging down. High drive accelerations deliver the benefits of horizontal motion conveying for products that previously could only be handled by vibratory conveyors.

World’s simplest drive

Patented modular belt drive has few moving parts and requires no preventative maintenance. Quickly replace drive and motor units without removing the pan or top cover.

Eliminate product breakage and loss

Gentle slow-forward fast-back motion safely conveys even the most delicate products with less breakage than vibratory conveyors. Expensive seasonings and coatings remain on your product.

Maintain pre-mixed blends

Maintain mixed blends of both dry and frozen foods. Size separation is eliminated because product moves by sliding instead of bouncing.

Powerful conveying

Move over 60,000 lbs/hr without bogging down.

Wise investment

As your plant expands, re-use the drive base with new pans.

Quiet operation

Low 70dB operation with product complies with stringent government regulations.

Simple installation

Pre-wired and plumbed, all electrical and pneumatic controls are mounted in the conveyor base for easy ready-to-run installation

Features and Specifications

Maximum output60,000 pounds / hours
Travel speedUp to 40 ft / min
NoiseLow 70db
Pan widthUp to 60’’
Pan LenghtUp to 35 feet


Model 90E

The compact FastBack 90E horizontal motion conveyor improves product transfer from distribution conveyors to high-speed multihead weighers for maximum packaging efficiency.

The 90E is the ultimate scale feed solution – providing a full 360 degree radial feeder pattern to the scale and eliminating starved weigh heads caused by inadequate product flow or hills and valley’s. With one of the highest throughput values in the industry, the 90E has no trouble keeping up with today’s ultra high speed weighed bagger combinations.

Use the same 90E drive base with different pan sizes to reduce costs for spare parts and layout changes.

Pre-wired with all photoeyes and electrical controls integrated into its base, FastBack 90E is ready-to-run for simple installation.

Reduce product breakage and coating loss

FastBack’s slow-forward fast-back horizontal motion prevents product fractures, breakage and loss of seasonings and coatings. Valuable coatings remain on products and do not build up in the conveyor pan. 70dB operation with most products provides a quieter working environment.

Increase access to weigher

With the smallest footprint on the market, 90E provides more access around the weigher. Its light weight also cuts support structure costs.

Increase access to weigher

With the smallest footprint on the market, 90E provides more access around the weigher. Its light weight also cuts support structure costs.

Superior Scale Feed

Full 360 degree radial feeder pattern to the scale eliminates starved weigh heads caused by inadequate product flow.

Programmable speed

FastBack speeds are programmable and automatically adjust to match product demands of multihead weighers

Instant stop/start

Instant stop-start optimizes product delivery.

No pan cracking or flexure tuning

Maintain pre-mixed blends

Features and Specifications

NoiseLow 70db
Product Trasfert rate800 to 1,500 ft³/hr
Pan Lenght8 to 11 feet


Revolution On Machine Seasoning System

Heat and Control has established itself as the world leader in On Machine Seasoning Systems by looking at OMS from a complete system approach and providing groundbreaking technology innovations. The net result is the most consistent seasoning coverage with lowest seasoning usage rates in the market. These technologies include the following:

Patented Revolution Gate automatically proportions the correct amount of product flow based on the weigher’s requirements.

Patented integrated conveyor and tumbling system eliminates product travel rate variations common to normal feed and tumble drum designs, and which play havoc with seasoning consistency.

FastBack gentle handling and consistent travel rate, even with variations in product throughput, make consistent measuring and application possible.

Options for product measuring include our patented FastBack measuring and our newest weight-based system, which is proving to be 8X more accurate than competitive systems.

Ease of operation, sanitation and cleaning – there simply is no other system that is as simple to clean and use. Changeovers can be accomplished in 10 minutes or less

With hundreds of applications and a complete testing center to support your requirements, Heat and Control can bring the knowledge, experience and technology to your next project.