Combination Weigher

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CCW-R Multihead weigher

Ishida CCW-R multihead weighers accurately reach speeds up to 180 weighments per minute and offer models that meet a wide range of production requirements.

Advanced digital filtering and calculation methods prevent missed cycles and increase weighing accuracy. Automatic timing settings reduce operator inputs. And new feeder controls stabilize product flow across the top of the weigher for higher production efficiency.

An all-new operator control unit features the Windows XP operating system. Send email from the control panel. Capture and display product photos with a built-in camera to simplify changeovers. Operators can even view easy-to-follow weigher operation procedures using Ishida’s “System Assistant” display.

Faster Weighing Speeds

Accurately achieve speeds up to 180 weighments per minute.

Greater Efficiency

Advanced technologies including advanced digital filtering for maintaining good product feed, automatic timing settings for optimum product transfer through the weigher, and a self adjusting feeder control that adjusts feeder vibration amplitude, guaranteeing the highest possible production efficiency.

New Operator Interface

Utilizes the flexibility of Windows™ XP operating system and Ishida’s intuitive “System Assistant.” Capture product photos, send email, operate other line equipment, and monitor production status via USB camera on the weigher.

Rugged, Sanitary Design

An all stainless steel main body. Simplified body design for complete access to all contact parts which are removable without tools. Hopper doors can be held open for cleaning, and hoppers themselves can be individually removed and replaced while machine is in production. Available in waterproof design for extreme environments and wet cleaning.

Low Energy Consumption

Refining the performance of the CCW-R weigher’s feeder drives has reduced energy consumption over earlier models. This results in dramatic savings in operating costs.

Features and Specifications

Weighing capacity/RangeUp to 500gUp to 1000gUp to 500gUp to 1000gUp to 3,000gUp to 5,000g
Weighing accuracy0.5 to 1.0g1.0 to 2.0g0.5 to 1.0g1.0 to 2.0g3.0 to 5.0 g5.0 to 8.0 g
Maximum Volume for weighing3 litres4.5 litres17.5 litres
Weighing Speed110 wpm90 wpm95 wpm


CCW-RS Multihead weigher

Available in 14-head or 16-head models to meet a wide range of production requirements, the CCW-RS weigher integrates simple operator controls with advanced load cell technology to provide a cost effective alternative to higher speed models with more advanced features.

The CCW-RS features the same advanced weighing technology and durable construction that separate Ishida from all other scale manufacturers.

High accuracy

Exclusive digital filtering process guarantees precise, stable weighments to maximize efficiency and productivity.

High speed

Digital filtering assures maximum speeds.

Simple operation

Clear and easy-to-follow interactive menus facilitate set-up, control and product changeovers.

Rugged and durable

Stainless steel weigh/drive units and dustproof construction protect against corrosion and infiltration of particulates.


Standard general-use software supports a wide range of user requirements.

Easy to clean

Designed to facilitate cleaning and minimize product build-up. Hoppers, radial feeder troughs and discharge chutes remove and install easily without tools

Features and Specifications

Weighing capacity/RangeUp to 500gUp to 800g
Weighing accuracy0.5 to 1.0g1.0 to 2.0g
Maximum Volume for weighing4.5 litres
Weighing Speed110 wpm


CCW-SE Multihead weigher

The SE-series weighers deliver Ishida’s legendary accuracy and reliability. This is Ishida’s low-price alternative to entry-level and used multihead weighers.

In addition to 10-head and 14-head scale models, the Ishida SE weigher is also available in a 20-head twin-discharge model capable of up to 110 weighments/minute. Like all Ishida weighers, the SE is equipped with precise, trouble-free load cells designed and built by Ishida.

Weigher set-up and operation are achieved with Ishida’s simple-to-use touchscreen remote control, which features clear and easy-to-follow interactive menus, plus 50 product presets for fast, repeatable changeovers


Exclusive digital filtering process guarantees precise, stable weighments to maximize efficiency and productivity.


The Ishida CCW-SE maintains Ishida’s reputation for manufacturing excellence.

Easy to operate

User-friendly remote control unit minimizes operator error and promotes production efficiency. Simple menu-driven procedure to store up to 50 product presets for quick changeovers.

Enhanced stepper motors

New high power stepper motors precisely control opening and closing of hopper doors.

Easy to clean

All product contact parts are constructed of stainless steel and are easily removed by hand without using tools.

Features and Specifications

Weighing capacity/RangeUp to 500gUp to 1000gUp to 400gUp to 800gUp to 3,000gUp to 5,000g
Weighing accuracy0.5 to 2.0g1.0 to 5.0g0.5 to 2.0g1.0 to 5.0g3.0 to 5.0 g5.0 to 8.0 g
Maximum Volume for weighing3 litres3 litres17.5 litres
Weighing Speed55 wpm85 wpm95 wpm


I-Station Link Data Collection and View System

Ishida’ s data collection software, i-STATION LINK, collects weighing data of CCW multihead weighers and DACS checkweighers via Ethernet network and displays it on a PC in an easily-understood format. This not only lets you check real-time production status from an office away from factory, but also allows weighing data to be further analyzed with a PC.

Features and Specifications

MachineDACS-V / V3 / W / H / WN / HN / Z
CCW-Z / RZ / DZ / NZ / EM / SE / M / R / RS
Collecting data IP address, preset no., product name, reference weight, weight, weighing result, weighing time
Display item Date and time, product name, reference weight, total count, total weight, average weight, minimum weight, maximum weight, deviation range, standard deviation, proper weight, under weight, over weight, total under weight, total over weight, total product loss, histogram


Screw Feeder Multihead Weigher

Non-stick stainless steel hoppers or optical plastic product hoppers with scraper gates prevent product sticking and the build-up of product residue. Dual screw feeders steadily move products across the top of the weigher. Rated for IP65 washdown, product contact parts can be removed without using tools and sanitized using high temperature cleaners. The user-friendly color touch screen includes 50 product presets for fast changeovers.

Standard features include proprietary Ishida technology, such as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), an enhanced Anti-Floor Vibration system, a high speed 5-stage digital filter, and a new combination calculation algorithm.

Dual Screw Feeders

Rotary screw feeders option enables accurate multihead weighing of fresh meat, poultry and seafood, cooked pasta, or other difficult to handle sticky products. The rotation rate of screw feeders in the radial troughs can be adjusted to meet product characteristics, providing precise control of product supply to the pool and weigh hoppers.

Designed to prevent sticking

Special SUS stainless steel surfaces on the radial troughs, pool hopper fences and discharge chutes, insure maximum weighing accuracy by preventing sticking during the important product feed stage.

Easy to clean

All contact parts can be disassembled without tools for cleaning. The stainless steel main body is corrosion resistant and meets HACCP standards for washdown.

Field Programmable Gate Array

Technology that delivers high speeds, excellent accuracy and efficiency levels close to 100%, while reducing product giveaway to fractions of a gram

Features and Specifications

Weighing capacity/RangeUp to 800gUp to 1600g
Weighing accuracy0.5 to 1.0g1.0 to 2.0g
Maximum Volume for weighing4.5 litres
Weighing Speed45 wpm