Bag Inserter

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Combiplast – Box erector and bag inserter

Box erecting & bag inserting technology

The CombiPlast case/box erector with bag inserter is a remarkable and unique machine which combines box erecting- & bag inserting technology in one compact solution. Feeding plano’s and prefabricated bags in, it provides you a bag in box ready to be filled with your product. This with a speed up to 16 boxes per minute. Your boxes are mechanically squared and bottom taped. Optional hotmelt can be implemented. Prefabricated Easy Open bags, with a possible thickness down to 10 μm, are placed tightly in your erected boxes. Bags are perfectly suited for all your box sizes.


  • Up to 16 boxes per minute
  • Tight bag placing, bag circumference = box circumference
  • Mechanical box squaring on two sides of carton
  • Suited for wide variety of box sizes
  • Prefabricated Easy Open bags
  • Suited for thickness down to 10 μm!
  • Left- or right version possible
  • Very compact design


  • 24 hour non stop production
  • Very easy to operate
  • Bag and blank refill during production
  • On screen HD visualisation of warnings and machine functions
  • Quick box size change over
  • Low maintenance, cost efficient
  • Operates stand-alone as well as in any automatic production line
  • Custom built possibilities on request!

Guaranteed lowest Total Cost of Ownership!





The automatic bag inserter EasyPlast provides you with the latest bag inserter technology for all your boxes, crates or buckets. Feeding prefabricated bags in the automatic bag inserter, it provides you a product carrier with a bag ready to be filled with your product. This with a speed up to 25 boxes per minute. Prefabricated Easy Open bags, with a thickness down to 10 μm, are placed perfectly tight in your erected boxes, crates or buckets.


Manual Solution


The patented Easy Open system provides you the easiest way to pick a single bag from a bundle to place it in your boxes or crates. This is done by an ingenious hanging system consisting of a perforation and a pre cut in your bags and special pins to hang them. The only waste left are the blue pins, so no rolls or blisters on the ground!

The result: you save up to 50% on your manual bag placing cycle and a more ergonomic and less boring job!